Church on the Lawn / Church in the Chapel

Week 1

Made Whole: Zacchaeus

Week 2

Made Whole: Paralytic that was Lowered Through the Roof

Week 3

Made Whole: Blind Bartimaeus

Week 4

Made Whole: The Woman That Doesn't Bleed Anymore

Week 5

Made Whole: Jesus Raises a Little Girl from Death to Life

Week 6

Made Whole: The 10 Lepers

Week 7

Made Whole: Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet

Week 8

Made Whole: Doubting Thomas

Week 9

Made Whole: A Sinful Woman Washes Jesus Feet

Week 10

Made Whole: Jesus Heals a Blind Man and Teaches the Disciples About Sight

Week 11

Made Whole: Jesus Heals a Demon Possessed Man

Week 12

Made Whole: Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler

This sermon is also Week #1 of the Dominos series

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