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Serving over 100 family every month!


Location: 101 S Lackawanna St, Wayland

Mailing Address: PO Box 52, Springwater, NY  14560

Pantry phone:  585-736-7586

(Call or text)

To The Clients of the Wayland Food Pantry at Lighthouse

We are in the midst of a very fluid time where dealing with the ramifications of the Coronavirus Pandemic changes daily and, at times, by the hour. We cannot tell how things will be next week or next month.

These changes are in an effort to keep you from being infected by our staff and our staff from being infected by you. We do not currently have any staff infected and have a strong warning to our staff to stay away if they even suspect they are sick with anything. We also know that COVID-19 does not always reveal itself right away; you may have it and not know until after you’ve had contact with your friends, relatives and others in the community (labeled the community effect).

During regular distributions (Wednesdays 4:30-6:00 and Saturdays 9:00-10:30)…

1)  When you arrive for a food box, please begin a line of vehicles that begins at the pantry outside door, curves through the back parking lot, onto Washington Avenue (Historical Society side of the street) and down South Main Street (Historical Society side), if needed.  

2)   We will fill our bags with predetermined supplies that we hope will last you more than the 3- 5 days that we normally promise. Note: keep your reusable bag to yourself, we will not accept them until further notice.

3)  Please do not leave your vehicle for any reason (except maybe opening your trunk) so that you maintain suggested social distancing of 6 feet from those generous volunteers loading food into your vehicle for you.

4)  We are sorry that we cannot allow you into Lighthouse Wesleyan Church at this time. It is nothing personal.  Everything we are doing is in an effort to continue serving you and keeping you safe.

5)  We do not know how long we can continue to operate. It will depend on how many volunteers we can muster for a distribution, how long our supplies last (which is dependent on donations from around the community and the supplies we purchase from the Food Bank of the Southern Tier), when/if the State of New York or the Federal Government puts the state or nation, respectively, into a complete lockdown.

If we cannot hold regular distributions because of a declared state or national lockdown, we will schedule “emergency” distribution using the following method:

1)   We have records showing when you normally come and your phone number (hopefully your phone number is current). We will call you and arrange a particular time when we will have supplies prepared for you. Do not come before that time as the church will be locked and minimal staff present.

2)  The supplies we pack for you will be on a table about 10 minutes before the scheduled time. You may pick them up at that arranged time. Please be prompt since perishable food will be included and other client appointments may be scheduled after yours.

3)   If you do come early, stay in your vehicle until all the supplies have been placed on the table. If we see you we will wave to you to indicate that you may pick up the prepared supplies. We apologize that under this scenario we cannot help you load your vehicle.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in these hard and trying times. Together, we will get through this and be stronger on the other side.

Hours of Operation

Wed 4:00-6:00pm

No Saturday hours at this time

Bread and Baked Goods may also be picked up Sundays 8:45-9:15am

Emergency appointments are available. 

Please call or text


Each family may visit the food pantry once a month. 

Areas we serve






North Cohocton

You must reside in the Wayland Cohocton School District

Volunteer opportunities

Providing food to the needy is an important outreach to our community.  Volunteer your time and energy to help this program bring food to many families in your local area.  We are always looking for volunteers to help unload the food truck, stock and organize donated food, and help during the hours of operation making the food available to the community.

You can call or text  the director, Dot Hammers for more information on volunteering at  585-736-7586. 

Ways you can donate

We are always in need of

Canned foods

Unopened boxed foods


(please no perishable items)

If you would like to donate money please make checks payable to: 

Lighthouse Wesleyan Church

PO Box 52

Springwater, NY 14560

Please mark as “Food Pantry Donation”